Build new career


  • Live coding sessions in English
  • Master modern web development

Expand your skillset and network

Online self-paced courses have a drop-out rate of as high as 70%.

We understand this first hand as working professionals who are always learning, taking online courses ourselves to try and improve our own knowledge and skills.

So we design a new approach to help others learn together with their peers and grow their professional network as a community.

Who you know is just as important as what you know.

How 1talent works

Many technology professionals in Southeast Asian countries are very skilled and technically competent. Unfortunately, their career prospects are limited because of poor English communication abilities.

We design and offer a friendly and community-oriented, hands-on program for these engineers. A perfect 2-in-1 program to accelerate participants' career prospects.

Initial Contact

Learn where you stand and how we can help you.

Discovery Session

Get to know your peers and get warmed up with the first coding session.

Weekly Sessions

Be consistent. Keep the momentum and build good professional habits.

Joy of Creation

Publish your work and build your portfolio on Github.

Present & Communicate

Write, read and speak fluent, professional English over time.

New Opportunities

Find new job opportunities or even build a web business with your classmates.